Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Long Time Coming....ITALY


So, these pictures have been needing to be posted for quite a while now...Remember way back in 2011...October...We went to ITALY!!!! Best place ever!! I loved it and aside from friends and family not being there, I could've stayed forever! It took me forever to get the pictures edited...I honestly don't remember how many pictures I originally started with, but it was well over 1500 and possible getting to 2000. I ended up with about 800!! I won't share all 800, but here is the Part 1 of many of my Italy Pictures.

Welcome to Vinice! An absolutely amazing place. We could walk everywhere, it was incredible. I don't have the words right now, because my brain doesn't work well. But I loved ALL of Italy, but this was my favorite! When we arrived, we took a bigger boat than a Gondola, but smaller than a Vaparatto to our hotel. Once at the hotel, we went walking around, had lunch and had my first Italy Gelato---OMG yummy goodness!! It's Italian Ice Cream, napped, and then went back out and had an amazing first meal at Tuttoria alle Madonna.

 Jo and I headed to the hotel

 That green boat is their trash system
Our amazing hotel Duodo Palace Hotel. We made good friends with the bar tenders there :) They were very accomading and would do just about anything we asked.

 Gondola Rides, although, we never did one, they were ridiculously expensive, so we just enjoyed watching others!
 St. Mark's Basilica (Palace/Church, I think...)
 St. Mark's Square

 Rialto Bridge and Market

 Rialto Bridge at Sunset before dinner

 St. Mark's Square at 2 a.m.! Jo, Mike and I went on our own tours. I really think the late night tours were some of my favorite!  Mike almost fell in the canal this night too!
 And of course, we listened to the OSU/Texas game earlier, OSU won, so we are all wearing our O-State!

More to come later!!

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